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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Holodeck

My name is Elad Katz
I'm a software developer of 4 years and an avid blog reader.
I currently reside in New York, New York - a city so nice, they named it twice :)
I've recently decided to develop some apps for the new android operating system and thought I might share my experiences with the blogosphere.
Why Android?
Well, I'm a really big fan of everything Google, and when the G1 came out I pitched a tent outside of the T-mobile store and bought it.
I'm very very happy about it.
Why not Iphone?
Good question!
The short answer is that i don't have a mac and therefore can not develop apps for it, a slightly longer answer will cover the facts that while android development is a variation of Java\Flex, Iphone development is Object Oriented C, and the fact that the android OS is an open source project and is therefore more alluring to someone like me.
What am i doing?
The project I am working on right now, My first if you don't count the notepad tutorial and the hello world app, is an adaptation of a very addictive and fun card game which is based on a game called Yaniv - I picked up this game while traveling in South America and have become an addict ever since.
It therefore seemed suitable that I develop this game for the android platform.
you can have a look at some snapshots and even check out the code at http://code.google.com/p/bestcardgameever-android/.
What's next?
Well, I think I'll keep this blog updated so that whenever i face a problem and overcome it, I'll post it here.

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